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Pebble Dash Cleaning

Roughcast cleaning involved a special cleaning solution that is lightly sprayed over your walls, and then rinsed off. This type of low pressure soft washing ensures that no damage is caused during the cleaning process. High pressure washing systems may appear to gain the desired effect, but they cause irreparable damage to your build, as water penetrates the render through small and sometimes hairline cracks.

Our low pressure roughcast cleaning solution ensures that no pebbles will be dislodged or lost during the cleaning process. We use the same low pressure cleaning solutions for k render, brick, and stonework, working on both public and private properties. Our cleaning solutions will kill off algae and moss, preventing regrowth and ensuring your walls look like new for longer. Take a look at our technical information here, to find out just how our render cleaning solutions will really work for you.


Over time pebbledash walls become dirty with everyday grime & Fungi. Some older properties have a red dye that appears through the pebbledash, this is because the building sand used didn’t get treated prior to the build.

We use a chemical mixture that acts as a bleaching solution guaranteed to clean pebbledash. Once cleaned it is estimated to stay clean from 5/10 years depending on the surrounding area

Across Northern Ireland we are prone to damp weather, especially in winter. What this means is that pebbledash and render look old before their time. A once white building will become streaked with black and red oxide stains, or covered in unsightly moss and algae. You may think that the easiest way to get your building looking new again would be to paint it. But you would be wrong.

Painting over your roughcast is an expensive mistake. What you need is a cleaning and roughcast repair service you can rely on. Cleaning your building instead of painting over the dirt and grime will ensure it stays looking new for long. What’s more, cleaning your render is cheaper than a re-painting job. A win-win situation for all concerned.

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